Love lyrycs

Translated from Russian 


Фатима Габитова


The autumn sparkled in a gleaming wave…
We left our town, we came to the river
And there was an isle in a haze,
A secret isle in a mystic shimmer…
Irtysh was filled with shine of the sun,
With bliss of love and joy my heart was whelmed.
An hour of return had seemed to come,
But I just hardened a hold upon your hand.
The wanderers of love — we walked along
The beaming waters by the edge of land,
Enamored of each other — deeply longed
To walk like that forever, holding hands.
The Great Irtysh was whispering to us,
You trembled in my arms like little bird,
We wandered through the flowing rays of grass,
Through silky meadows without any words.
The sun had glistened with an orange spark
And twinkling stars appeared from above;
The voice of water blended into dark,
But I felt nothing — only you, my Love.
I felt a honeyed taste of tender lips,
I felt a magic scent, a glow of heat,
I kissed your shoulders, falling in the deeps
Of blind passion, I could feel the beat
Of our hearts. And everything was gone,
Just us and river — in the hush of night;
Just you who told me: "I am yours. I long
To be with you forever, like tonight…"
And then my heart flared up, as well as blood…
Your face was glowing… it was burst of flame —
We were burning in the blaze of love…
You were mine… Forever… You became…

translated by Darya Troncoso Bowlin​

* * *

The autumn shone in sparkling waters…
We walked the path from town to the river,
And somewhere there, in deepening fog, an island
Was gleaming from afar…
The time has come for going home,
My heart is beating with its utter might
The Irtish River swam in sun, emitting happiness,
My hand took hold of yours…
We stepped together, two enamored wanderers,
Along the sun-filled smile of Irtish
As our fingers intertwined
And bodies hugged, with shivered breathing
The withered man, Irtish, was whispering to us
As I leaned on your shoulder,
Combining heat from both of us
As if we walked a thin, white strip
The water and the forest, and skies in stardust
The last ray of the sun, Irtish has quitted down…
Alas, for me this world
Holds nothing but your lips…
I kissed the right hand shoulder… and the left one…
And still your smell encompasses me completely!
I loved you blindly and fully
On golden beaches of Irtish…
Perhaps, besides us, this whole world
Is empty — and calmness has descended,
And only: "Darling, I am yours forever!"-
Irtish has heard through rapid breathing
And blood was boiling, heart fluttering insanely
Your face became ablaze with sweetest fires
My love, this life will never be enough!
And as we kissed, I uttered: "Come to me!"…

translated by Laal Jandossova Troncoso